Proteus Industries announces 8000EMR Series flow meters built for harsh environments

The 8000EMR, along with the 8000XHT series of flow/meter/switch, is built for harsh environments, including EMI, shock/vibration, and magnetic fields, and IP66-rated.

With the ability to handle extreme-temperature fluids, you now have two choices of reliable, accurate flow meters/switches for your most demanding applications AND environments.

  • Fluid temperature ranges for standard sensors in Controlled¹ ambient environment:

    o            EMR: -40°C thru +90°C

    o            XHT: -40°C thru +200°C2

    ¹Controlled ambient:  temp 30C max, Relative Humidity is below Dew Point. For other environments or customization please see product details or contact

    2XHT can be customized from -60 °C to 160 °C (-76 °F to 320 °F)

Product Features
  • Exceptional noise immunity for harsh environments, such as RF power supplies or industrial equipment
  • Flow ranges from 1.9 to 227 LPM (0.5 to 60 GPM)
  • Liquid temperatures from -40 to 90 °C can be monitored at up to 30 °C ambient temperature
  • Equipped with dry well for optional bayonet-type thermocouple (user-supplied)
  • Accuracy of 3% of flow range
  • Compatible with many advanced heat-transfer fluids
  • Enhanced accuracy and stability from digital signal processing
  • Standard 0–10 VDC or 0–5 VDC, and 4–20 mA outputs
  • On-board relay for redundant interlock, with userspecified, factory-programed trip point
  • Optional custom calibration available to account for viscosity effects of fluid and temperature
  • NEMA 4X / IP66 design with stainless steel flow body, faceplate, and SAE fittings ensures reliable performance in wet environments
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