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Proteus Industrie


Coolant Control and Leak Detection for Automotive Robotic Welding Systems

Proteus Industries is the world leader in automotive weld coolant monitoring and water saver products. The Proteus WeldSaver™ protects welders from overheating, saving expensive weld components such as transformers, electrodes, caps, and water-cooled motors. For over 20 years, leading automotive OEMs have counted on Proteus WeldSaver technology to monitor critical cooling circuits, detect leaks and cap loss, automate valve shut off, and provide a state-of-the-art web-based monitor compatible with popular robot teach pendants. The WeldSaver integrates to your PLC, robot, and welder using industry-standard, ODVA-compliant data formats for inputs and outputs, making integrations streamlined.

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In its most simple form, the WeldSaver protects welders by monitoring the incoming and outgoing water (or other) coolant for the robotic welding system.


 In the event that the flow rate or the temperature exceeds pre-defined limits, the WeldSaver sends a signal to the controlling devices (PLC, weld controller, robot). Signals can be warnings or faults, depending on the set-points values. 


Once the welder has turned off, the WeldSaver functions as a water saver to turn off the incoming water using a pneumatic or electric solenoid valve. All operational information is collected by the WeldSaver and displayed on the web interface (or robot pendant) in an intuitive and easy-to-understand format for operators.

WeldSaver™ Product Series


Cooling monitoring and valve control to 50 LPM / 13 GPM; dual integrated vortex flow/temperature sensors; web-based user interface; EtherNet/IP or PROFINET control interface.

Cooling monitoring and valve control to 50 LPM / 13 GPM; dual integrated vortex flow/temperature sensors; keypad with digital display for local manual operation; web-based user interface; EtherNet/IP or PROFINET control interface.



WeldSaver™ Key Features

– Flow rates to 50 LPM / 13 GPM

– Data display in English or Metric units

– EtherNet/IP™ or PROFINET® interfaces available (legacy options also available)

– Proteus vortex solid state flow meters for flow and optional temperature information

– Integrated shutoff valve – choice of pneumatic or electric

– All setpoints and alarms factory pre-set   and also user adjustable

– Fast responding – sends cap loss alarm to weld controller in < 0.3 sec

– Web Graphical User Interface (GUI) available for Robot Pendant or PLC/PC

– Compact packaging – can fit into a space 12”H x 5”W x 4”D (with valve and mounting plate)

– Fence mounted (default) – optionally can be mounted directly on robot (Axis 1, 3 or other)

WeldSaver™ Documentation

Every WeldSaver model has a custom design configured for easy integration into customer systems. For more information, please fill out the WeldSaver Production Selection Guide and send it to

If you have questions, please contact WeldSaver Applications Support at or (650) 964-4163.