COVID-19 Update

Proteus Industries operations are open to service all customers and operates in compliance with all Federal, California State and Municipal guidelines for containment and prevention of Covid-19 transmission.

For customers, needing sales information please email at sales@proteusind.com and for tech support/questions we will respond through tech@proteusind.com. Vendors should contact us through purchasing_p@proteusind.com.

Proteus Industries

High resistance to electromagnetic interference

The 8000RFR Series

Custom designed for a customer to use in harsh (>1100GHz) EMI or RF environments. The 8000RFR has been laboratory tested up to an RF power of 10v/m to 10GHZ (maximum laboratory testing available).  Effective design indicates that this device is capable for up to 1181 GHz.

Resistant to (IP67 or IP68) Wet Environments​​

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