Standard 8000XHT Series flow meters are calibrated with water at approximately 25°C / 77°F. The use of fluids other than water may affect the accuracy of measurement due to differences in viscosity. Proteus’ world-class calibration capability allows us to deliver instruments with specialized fluid- and temperature-specific calibrations. Please contact Applications Support at or (650) 964-4163 for more information.

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  • Fluid and Temperature Specific Calibration Meter
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  • 8000 Series Liquid Flow Meters a

8000XHT Series

Extreme-Temperature Flow Meters

>Innovative technology and design, for use with fluid temperatures to 200 °C
>Flow ranges from 0.95 to 60 LPM / 0.25 to 16 GPM
>Accuracy of 3% of full scale
>Optional temperature measurement from -60 to 200 C / -76 to 392 °F
>Specialized calibration to account for viscosity effects of fluid and operating temperature
>Enhanced accuracy and stability of digital signal processing
>0–5 VDC or 0–10 VDC and 4–20 mA outputs > Standard NEMA 4X / IP66 enclosure
>Customization available for OEMs
>5-year warranty