COVID-19 Update

Proteus Industries’ manufacturing operations are partially open to service essential businesses including Medical and Semiconductor as part of the government’s “shelter in place” order for the San Francisco Bay Area to contain coronavirus. We are checking e-mails including tech and customer service e-mails. The order currently covers the period of March 17 through April 7, 2020.

For customers, needing sales information please email at and for tech support/questions we will respond through . Vendors should contact us through Note that we will have limited operations through this period. Other urgent communications may be sent to our President, Jon Heiner at We apologize for the disruption this may cause.

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The importance of testing liquid flow rate measuring instruments

Flow meter accuracy and repeatability are fundamental to the success of industry where liquid flow rate measuring devices are used; therefore they are closely scrutinized according to set criteria. Many
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Buy Best Thermal Flow Switches

Thermal flow switches are sometimes called thermal dispersion flow switches. They are precise flow sensing devices. Since they do not have any moving parts, thermal flow switches are considered to
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Liquid Flow Meter Manufacturers

Liquid flow meter manufacturers understand the significance of flow meters in day-to-day industrial processes. They maintain measurement efficiency and play a huge role in a business’s profits and losses. The
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The Leader in flow measurement innovation : Proteus Industries Inc

The driving force behind flow measurement innovation is accuracy. Flow meters are relied to measure the flow rate of one of several types of liquids or gasses, typically divided as
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Benefits of Rebuild Kits for Flow Sensor

Rebuild kits for flow sensor are like insurance policies. Flow meters get used on a daily basis. Depending upon the industry in which they are used, flow meters play an
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How to Choose The Best Liquid Flow Meter Suppliers

When it comes to choosing the best liquid flow meter supplier, there are many options out there; in fact, too many to choose from! Flow technology has advanced rapidly over
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Liquid Flow Equipment Controllers

Measuring the fluidity of liquids is critical in industrial applications. In some cases, the skill of conducting accurate flow measurements is so vital that even a minute difference can either
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What is a flow meter calibration system?

A flow meter quantifies the speed at which gas or fluid moves across it. Professionals who specialize in testing and measuring often rely on flow meters wherever the measurement of
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Flow and Density Measurement of Liquid

Power generation, processing plants, energy facilities and industrial utilities depend on cost effective management of energy which directly depends upon accurate and reliable flow meter instrumentation. Whether you require precise
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Top Quality Flow Meters for Die Casting

What is die casting? Die casting is a specific manufacturing process that produces sharply defined, accurately dimensioned, textured or smooth-surfaced metal parts. It relies on metal casting; a technique that
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How Does a Flow Switch Work?

Flow switches are mechanical devices used in controlling the flow of air, steam, or liquid. A flow switch operates by conveying a trip motion (relay, reed switch, paddle) to another machine
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Different Technologies / Types of Flow Meters

Different Technologies / Types of Flow Meters In industrial work settings, the accurate measure of flow is highly critical. Not only does this define profit or loss, but consumer and
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