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The 8000XHT/XLT | Flow Rate Measurement Instrument

The 8000XHT/XLT (eXtreme High Temperature/eXtreme Low Temperature) Flow Rate Measurement Instrument has been designed to work in harsh environments.   It is capable of operating with fluid temperatures from -80C to +200C as well
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Controlled flow & direction of the fluid by the flow control valve sensors

Flow meters are the equipment for the accurate measurement of the flow rate of the fluid passing through a pipe or an open space. The measurement can be made either
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Precise Liquid Flow Measurement and Instrumentation in Divergent Arenas

The tools that are used to determine the rate of flow of fluid, which is either flowing through a pipe or an open channel, are called flow meters. The flow
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Achieving High Performance with Miniature Planar Flow Sensors

Using  the volumetric rate of flow and the quantity of the fluid flowing through a pipe are called the liquid flow meter. The flow rate is directly proportional to the
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How to Read a Rotameter : Points to Ponder

An instrument, which measures the volumetric flow rate of the fluid running through a closed conduit, is called a rotameter. The device consists of a float and a tube. Being
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Different Types of Standard Liquid Flowmeter

Instruments that are used for measuring the flow rate of a particular liquid, flowing through a pipe, are called flow meters. The measurements can be done based on either the
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Discussion on Various Types of Liquid Level Indicator Switches

A broad field of fluid media can be minutely audited and detected with the help of the liquid level indicator switches. The level of the fluid is monitored and restricted
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Liquid Flow Measurement Instruments: Precise Measurement in Various Fields

The liquid flow measurement instruments are the devices used to evaluate the flow of water or any liquid in a conduit or an open channel. It is also used to
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Different Kinds of Liquid Flow Meters: Measuring the Fluid Flow in Diverse Ways

A flow meter is a device to measure the amount of liquid flowing through a pipe and the quantity of the liquid streaming. It is of utmost importance in any
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Liquid Flow Meter with Pulse Output : Calibrating the Water & Water-Based Chemicals

The flow meter is a device to measure the quantity and the volume of the fluid flowing through a conduit. Depending on the factors like flow meter material, nature of
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Liquid Cooling Flow Meter : Moderating the Temperature of the Fluid

Flow meters are used in gas or liquid to signify the mass, quantity, and volumetric rate of flow of the fluid passing through a pipe. Flow measurement techniques are very
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Paddlewheel Liquid Flow Meter : Eminent Cost-Effective Velocity Flow Meter

Flow meters are the instruments, used to measure the mass and the volumetric flow of liquids and gasses through a pipe. Depending on the material of the flow meter, type
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