COVID-19 Update

Proteus Industries’ manufacturing operations are partially open to service essential businesses including Medical and Semiconductor as part of the government’s “shelter in place” order for the San Francisco Bay Area to contain coronavirus. We are checking e-mails including tech and customer service e-mails. The order currently covers the period of March 17 through May 31st, 2020.

For customers, needing sales information please email at sales@proteusind.com and for tech support/questions we will respond through tech@proteusind.com . Vendors should contact us through purchasing_p@proteusind.com. Note that we will have limited operations through this period. Other urgent communications may be sent to our President, Jon Heiner at jon@proteusind.com. We apologize for the disruption this may cause.

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Looking for a Reliable Flow Measurement Solution

Looking for a Reliable Flow Measurement Solution   Proteus Industries provides a reliable flow measurement solution to any oil, gas, liquid or steam operation. The quality of our flow meters
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Liquid Velocity Measurement Meters

Accurate Liquid Velocity Measurement Meters : Proteus Industries Inc.   Liquid velocity flow meters are used when it becomes necessary to calculate the volumetric flow rate of a stream. A
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Careers in Flow Sensing and Control Products at Proteus Industries

Start your Career in Flow Sensing and Control Products – Proteus Industries Inc.   Are you interested in the development and production of sensors for measuring the volume flow rates
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Flow Meters for Maintaining Temperature

Best Thermal Liquid Flow Meter and Perfect Solution for Comprehensive Heat Control   Flow meters for maintaining temperature are solutions often sought after by the die casting industry. This sector
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Proteus Industries Inc.’s Innovative Flow Management Products

Here at Proteus Industries Inc., we are dedicated to designing and creating customized flow measurement solutions. We serve customers in numerous industries such as Die Casting, Semiconductor Fab, Automotive Manufacturers,
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What Is The Principle Of Operation Of Thermal Control Flow Meters?

A flow meter that measures either the flow of a fluid flowing through a closed conduit like a pipe or a duct using the thermal properties of that fluid is
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What Is Water Flow Meter And What Type Of Application Is Suited For It?

Water flow meters are used to measure the volume of water used in commercial and residential buildings. The water is supplied to homes and offices via a public water supply
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What is a liquid flow meter & what type of application is it used for?

A liquid flow meter is a device used to measure the volumetric, mass, nonlinear and linear flow rate of a liquid. The flow rate is calculated by measuring the liquid’s
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What is Considered as Extreme Temperature Flow Meter?

The measurement of accurate flow rates is an integral component of many industrial and commercial processes. Flow meters are designed to measure the volume or rate of a transient fluid-
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Warranty on Flow Products

Flow meters and related products get a lot of wear and tear from regular use. As a result, they may need re-calibration and sometimes even repairs or replacements. Routine maintenance
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Different Types of Flow Meters for Measuring Flow Rates of Ultrapure Liquids

A majority of liquid flow meters are developed for industrial applications such as oil & gas, food & beverage, but ultrapure liquids require a high rate of accuracy. The flow
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Top Liquid Flow Measurement Devices

Liquid flow measurement is critical to meet requirements in industrial settings. In some scenarios, the capability of conducting precise flow measurements is so critical that it could spell the difference
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