The Proteus WeldSaver™ is a specialized device to detect cap off conditions on robotic welders. The first “water saver” to use modern computing techniques to detect cap-off’s, the WeldSaver™ is now used by many major automotive companies and their sub-tier suppliers.

» For new designs, please see the WeldSaver™ III, the third generation of excellence in flow control for robotic welding systems.

WeldSaver™ Data Sheet Selection Guide
Flow Range Interface Power Pneumatic Shutoff Electrical Shutoff
0.5 – 3.0 GPM
1.1 – 11 LPM
Relay 24 VDC WeldSaver1CO WeldSaver1COAE
DeviceNet 24 VDC WeldSaver2CO WeldSaver2COAE
2.0 – 8.0 GPM
7.5 – 30 LPM
Multi-Gun applications
Relay 24 VDC WeldSaver1WR WeldSaver1WRAE
DeviceNet 24 VDC WeldSaver2WR WeldSaver2WRAE

Installation and Maintenance Information

Install the WeldSaver™ to avoid problems when flushing pipes.
Adjustment of Control Settings
DeviceNet interface
Servicing Valves
Replacing Electronics

A research paper provided by the courtesy of Unitrol discusses the importance of controlling cooling flow in resistance welding. Click here to download the paper in .pdf format. Click here to go to Unitrol’s website.

WeldSaver™ is a registered trademark of Proteus Industries Inc. DeviceNet is a registered trademark of ODVA.