PS600 Series Pulse Output Flow Sensor

» For new designs, please see the 6000 Series Flow Meter

•  Flow rates from 0.1 – 60 GPM
•  5–24 VDC pulsed output
•  Pressures to 250 PSI
•  Economical for cooling flow and process control
•  Visual flow indication

Proteus PS600 series sensors use a turbine principle to generate a pulsed voltage that varies with flow. Magnets in alternate spokes of a rotor induce a voltage in a Hall-Effect sensor when flow turns the rotor. The variable frequency output from this simple and reliable sensor may be read by your electronics to determine flow rate.

The output voltage is a square wave, which varies from 5 to 24 VDC, depending on the voltage supplied by the user. The output frequency range varies somewhat from model to model, but generally ranges from about 5 Hz at the bottom of the flow range for any model to 120 Hz at maximum flow.

Calibration The calibration curve varies from unit to unit. Individual calibration curves may be supplied on request for a modest additional charge.


Liquid temperatures: -50°F to 284°F (-45°C to 140°C) for brass and stainless steel versions; -50°F to 167°F (-45° to 75°C) for Celcon versions. For liquid temperatures below dewpoint or above 185°F (85°C), please contact Technical Support for proper materials selection and thermal isolation of the electronics.

Wetted Materials

Flow Sensor Body Celcon, brass or 316 stainless steel
Faceplate Polysulfone, brass or 316 stainless steel
Pin 316 stainless steel
O-Ring Buna-N
Rotor Carbon fiber filled Nylon

to 120 centistokes (about 30 weight oil).

Celcon versions: 70 PSI (483 kPa) with polysulfone faceplate.
Brass/stainless steel versions: 100 PSI (689 kPa) with polysulfone faceplate; 250 PSI (1723 kPa) with metal faceplate.

Pressure Drop
Available on request. Please contact Proteus Technical Support.

Electrical Input
5 to 24 VDC ±5%. Current draw 50 mA maximum.

Electrical Output
Pulsed-pulse height equals input voltage, with ground reference.

1 to 6 lbs. (0.6 to 3 Kg)

Fluid Compatibility
Typical compatible liquids are listed below. Contact the factory for other liquids.

Water treated with algaecide Deionized water (brass bodies not recommended) Ethylene Glycol Light oils (maximum 30 weight) Fluorinart Coolanol Galden