PAO (polyalphaolefin) is a synthetic hydrocarbon oil used as a lubricant or coolant depending on its formulation. At Proteus, we have had experiences with several military-related applications where PAO is commonly used as a coolant.

Proteus Industries is one of the few flow and process instrument manufacturers with in-house flow calibration facilities for viscosity calibrations. Several of our products have been used in these applications where the reliability and accuracy of liquid flow measurements are critical considerations. These include the 4000, 6000, and 8000 Series products.

During the flow calibration process, fluid temperature and viscosity are carefully monitored to ensure the integrity of the instrument’s calibration. Proteus specializes in applications where customization adds value to the customer and enhances product performance. This may involve fittings, special cables, and/or custom mounting. We are proud to know that Proteus products are used in applications that play a part in the security and safety of our country and troops in the field.

If you have an application that requires the monitoring or measuring of liquid flow, please contact our Applications Department. Email or call 650-964-4163.