PAO (polyalphaolefin) is a synthetic hydrocarbon oil used as a lubricant or coolant depending on its formulation. The use of PAO as a cooling medium is popular for aerospace and military applications due to its dielectric properties, non reactive with water, is compatible with most metals and has a wide operating temperature range.  Aliphatic PAO-based fluids have replaced the silicate-ester fluids in a variety of military electronics (and avionics) cooling applications in the last decade.  Royco 602 and Chevron SynFluid are two popular brands.  At Proteus we have had experiences with several military related applications where PAO is commonly used as a coolant.

It is recommended to talk to a Proteus Technical Support Specialist prior to purchasing a flow meter because an off the shelf model may not be appropriate.

There are material considerations in using PAO with a Proteus product.  Two changes from standard flow meter products would be the need to use a Buna-N (Nitrile) or Viton o-ring and a metal faceplate rather than the standard plastic faceplate.  Either brass or stainless steel body and faceplate are acceptable.

Another consideration if you are concerned about measurement accuracy is the viscosity of PAO vs Water which is our standard calibration medium.

Proteus Industries is one of the few flow and process instrument manufacturers with in-house calibration facilities for custom viscosity calibrations.  For more information on PAO viscosity and compatibility please visit this link .  Several of our products have been used in these applications where reliability and accuracy are critical considerations. These include the 6000, and 8000 Series products. During the calibration process, fluid temperature and viscosity are carefully monitored to ensure the integrity of the instrument’s calibration. Proteus specializes in applications were customization adds value to the customer and ensures performance meets expectations. This may involve fittings, special cables, and/or custom mounting. We are proud to know that Proteus products are used in applications that play a part in the security and safety of our country and troops in the field.

If you have an application involving a fluid other than water, please contact our Applications Department. Email or call 650-964-4163.