Batch processing is a common application request at Proteus. Whether you are mixing water, additives, lubricants, or other fluids that require dispensing or batching in measured quantities, we have a solution.

Automating this process typically requires three items: a flow meter, a batch controller, and a solenoid valve. An example of the Proteus solution would be a 6000, V7000 or PV6000 Series Flow Meter characterized to the viscosity of your fluid (if other than water), with its output feeding a Florite M920 Batch Controller.

The M920 has two-point scaling which is an important feature for better accuracy. The M920 comes with a digital display showing rate and quantity as well as programming prompts. It provides a relay output to control a solenoid valve for precise dispensing. The M920 can be controlled both locally and remotely and it has a data logging option.


If you have an application involving batching or dispensing, please contact our Applications Department. Email or call 650-964-4163.