Proteus Industries presents; Comparison of two Coriolis meters from +5⁰C to +120⁰C fluid temperature at the European Flow Measurement Conference in Barcelona

Brief summary:

Coriolis Calibrations are done on Flow, Temperature, and Density. They operate in wide temperature ranges however they are not calibrated outside of +5C and +90C fluid temperatures.

Common industry practice involves using measurement uncertainty analysis and curve projections to estimate the meter’s performance and behavior in such conditions. In this study, two recently calibrated Coriolis Meters were compared and analyzed from +25C to +120C.

An ISO 17025 Measurement Analysis was used to project the outcome and percent error between the two Coriolis meters for Mass Flow, Volumetric Flow, Density, and Temperature readings.

The collected data was then compared to the calculated uncertainty error for each Coriolis Meter. The results showed that a water-based calibration above +5C and +90C can be done with proper procedure and temperature controlled process.

Proteus Industries presentation