What Is Water Flow Meter And What Type Of Application Is Suited For It?

Water flow meters are used to measure the volume of water used in commercial and residential buildings. The water is supplied to homes and offices via a public water supply system. Water meters may also be used at water sources or throughout the water system to calculate the flow rate of a part of the system. Water flow meters may also measure the flow rate of slurries or fluids in closed pipes. The flow rate of water is measured in cubic metres (m3) or litres on an electronic or mechanical register.


Water flow meters can measure hot water, cold water, clean water, dirty water and slurries.


Two common methods are used in water flow meter measurement: velocity and displacement flow meters. Each type takes advantage of a variety of technologies.


Paddlewheel Sensors


The Paddlewheel sensor is a cost effective and most commonly used water flow meter. It may also be used to measure flow rates of water-like fluids. Many paddlewheel sensors are sold with insertion or flow fittings. Like turbine meters, they require a 10 pipe diameters of straight pipe on the inlet and 5 pipe diameters on the outlet. The rotor of the paddlewheel sensor is fitted perpendicular to the flow rate. It will make contact with a limited cross-section of the flow.


Positive Displacement Flow Meter


This type of flow meter is used in applications where a straight pipe is not available and if a paddlewheel sensor and turbine flow meter would experience too much commotion. Positive displacement flow meters are used for viscous liquids as well.


Magnetic Flow Meters


This type of flow meter does not have moving parts and used in wastewater applications or with dirty liquids that are conductive. Displays are an important part of this type of flow meter which can be used for data logging or remote monitoring.


Ultrasonic Flow Meters


This flow meter is used in applications where sewage and dirt are involved such as waste water, slurries and other dirty liquids. This type of water usually damages conventional flow meters. Ultrasonic flow meters operate on the principle that a frequency shift of the ultrasonic signal occurs when it is reflected by gas bubbles or suspended particles in motion. This is also known as the Doppler Effect.


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