A common application for micro-breweries is adding water from the supply tank to the mash mixing tanks. The Brewmaster has a need to measure the water to the mash tanks according to his recipe. Some Brewmaster simply eyeballs the quantity of the water in the tanks and uses a manual valve to turn the water flow on and off.

Several times Proteus has been called on to provide more precise and quantifiable means of measuring the amount of water delivered. Most commonly we have provided a simple manual controlled system consisting of a Proteus V7000 Series Vortex Flow Meter providing input to a Florite totalizing digital display.

In this case the operator zeros the existing quantity in the display and opens the valve periodically checking the display for progress. When the desired quantity is reached the operator closes the valve. In cases where the Brewmaster desires an automated system where the desired quantity is punched into the Florite Batch Controller the Proteus V7000 Vortex meter is again providing input.

The operator then pushes the button to start operation by the internal relay closing and causing the solenoid valve (replaces the manual valve) to open. When the batch controller senses the desired quantity has been reached the internal relay closes causing a solenoid valve to close.

Both these methods create a more consistent product and allow the operator to be more productive. Proteus V7000 flow meters have been used in many micro-breweries across the USA and including South America and India.