Rebuild Kits

Rebuild Kits for Paddlewheel Flow Products

Extend the life of your existing flow meters and switches with easy-to-use rebuild kits

Over time, the mechanical components of your flow sensor will wear with use, which will affect measurement accuracy and can result in false tripping of the relay. Fortunately, these components can be easily replaced to enhance the flow response of the sensor.

Rebuild kits for standard products (model numbers beginning with zero) with plastic faceplates are available for purchase online. Please select your device’ model number to select your flow meter or switch. To purchase rebuild kits for standard products with metal faceplates or for customized products (model numbers beginning with “9” and/or ending in “QC”), please contact us.

Standard 6000 Series Rebuild Kits 
Standard 8000 Series Rebuild Kits
Standard 800 Series Rebuild Kits
Standard 100 Series Rebuild Kits

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