6000 Series Flow Meter 

Proteus 6000 Series Flow Meters use a simple turbine principle to generate a pulse output that is directly proportional to the instantaneous flow rate. Magnets in the six-spoke rotor turn a Hall Effect transistor on and off as liquid flows through the sensor. The sensor’s pulse output signal is a square wave with an amplitude of 5–28 VDC depending on the input voltage. The output frequency ranges to 240 Hz at the maximum flow rate for each meter. Both PNP and NPN outputs are provided.  DETAILS

FluidVision™ USB -  Flow and Temperature Meters

FluidVision™ USB from Proteus Industries is a convenient and cost-effective way to connect flow meters directly to a computer for accurate and reliable measurement of liquids in closed-loop cooling systems.

The output signals from compact flow and temperature sensors are monitored, analyzed, and transmitted via standard USB connection for on-screen display in real time. Sensor-specific calibration factors stored in the device memory ensure accuracy of measurement, and programmable alarm values for both flow and temperature enable advanced monitoring capabilities. Measurement and status data from FluidVision USB devices can be monitored and collected using a specialized software application or easily incorporated into existing monitoring and data-acquisition systems.  DETAILS

PV6000 Series Vortex Flow Meters

PV6000 Series flow meters utilize the vortex principle to provide accurate, reliable and cost-effective measurement of heat-transfer fluids and other liquids. An in-line sensor detects the frequency of vortices shed by a bluff body in the flow stream and generates a pulse output signal that is directly proportional to the instantaneous flow rate of the liquid.  DETAILS

V7000 Series Vortex Flow Meters

V7000 Series flow meters combine compact stainless steel bodies and sensitive, stable vortex sensors to produce high-value flow management tools. Proteus’ world-class calibration capability can transform standard meters into instruments of uncommon accuracy, providing the confidence and certainty that the most critical heat-sensitive processes and equipment require. DETAILS