6000 Series Flow meter: Essential Facts to Know

The 6000 series flow meter from Proteus Industries utilizes a paddlewheel mechanism to produce a pulse output which is directly proportional to the immediate flow rate.

Features of the 6000 series flow meter

  1. Flow rate of 0.06-60 GPM or 0.2-227 LPM
  2. Direct interface to data logging, batching, and multi-channel controller accessories

The 6000 series flow meters delivers a digital pulse input to suitable programmable controllers or process monitors, enabling convenient control and added flexibility.

  1. 5 to 24 VDC pulse NPN and PNP outputs for simple interfacing with your programmable logic controller (PLC)

The pulse output signal’s amplitude is within 5 percent of the input voltage. At minimum flow rate, the output frequency is 10 Hz. Ultimate flow range output frequency is almost 240 Hz.

  1. Stainless steel faceplate maximizes the range of operations

Optional brass or stainless-steel faceplates allow for use with liquid temperatures from 40o-110o C (-40o-230o F) and pressures up to 250 PSI (1724 KPA).

  1. Viton® O-ring for high-performance liquid seal*
  1. Compact design

The 6000 series flow devices’ depths differ according to the connection size. 3D and outline drawings can be accessed here.

  1. The Hall-effect sensor, safeguarded from overvoltage and reverse polarity, offers a reliable output in noisy electrical environments

Factors to consider when choosing a 6000 series model.

  • Chemical suitability between the flow instrument and any liquids your plan to use.
  • Pressure limits and operational temperatures affect compatible materials.
  • Ultimate liquid flow rate should be less than the instrument’s upper flow limit: nominal flow rate can be around 50%-60% of the instruments upper flow limit.
  • Choose SAE straight-thread connections if you are utilizing positionable elbows or high-vapor-pressure liquids like Fluorinert™ or Galden®.

How to order the 6000 series flow meter online

If you need help in choosing a 6000 series flow meter which is best compatible with your flow control job, you can contact our technical support representatives via email or phone.

Then, follow these simple steps to order online.

  • Choose the model number of the 6000 series flow meter you wish to purchase
  • Go to the 6000 series online order page, utilize the drop-down menus, and finally choose the material, flow range, connection size, and fitting type for the product you want to order
  • The price will display- simply click on the ‘Buy’ button and the product will be added to your shopping cart

Our technical experts are available round-the-clock to help you determine which flow devices are best for your particular uses.

All of our products are backed by a five-year warranty, and we offer extensive customization to fit your needs.

Click here to request pricing.

*Other materials are available for improved chemical compatibility with a coolant of your choice.

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