Why Does Fluid Temperature Matter When Selecting a Flow Meter?

There are several reasons why fluid temperature matters when choosing a flow meter.

Temperature effects the fluid viscosity. Usually, the viscosity decreases as temperature increases and vice versa. This may affect the measurement accuracy of your flow meter unless viscosity offsets are employed.  Please see application note, Why does fluid viscosity matter when selecting a flow meter for a detailed explanation.

When exceeding temperatures of +100o C or -40o C there are important safety factors to consider and it is suggested you speak to an applications engineer at the flow meter supplier about your specific application.  Important considerations are: product safety, component temperature limits, and potential personal safety or operating environment considerations.

At temperatures at or approaching 0o C and at the ambient dew point, the buildup of ice on the flow meter is of concern.   Your application engineer can suggest ways to reduce or eliminate icing concerns.  At high temperatures the safety for personnel may be a consideration and protective shielding may be needed.

Proteus Industries has years of experience producing flow meters for extreme temperatures and in designing protective measures for flow meters operating at extreme temperatures.