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  • Published February 22, 2021
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When it comes to weld coolant monitoring and water saver, Proteus stands as a powerhouse. Using the Proteus WeldSaver™, welders are stopped from heating up. It also helps to save on water-cooled motors, pricey weld parts such as electrodes and caps.

Leading OEMs have relied on Proteus WeldSaver tech for over 20 years for superb welding needs. It has state-of-the-art tools for checking leaks and cap loss, vital cooling circuits, provide a web-based monitor that connects with robot tech pendants and valve shut off. With WeldSaver, syncing with your PLC, robot, and welder is seamless. This is due to the ODVA data formats for inputs and outputs.

What is Coolant Control? 

More control in terms of the engine heat and control of coolant flow rate is given by the coolant control system. The coolant depends on the engine’s driving state, such as speed and load. Using a model that was validated with heat, the effect of two new cooling was tested in this study. The outcome showed that using valves and a water pump on active coolant control leads to reduced coolant warm-up time during cold engine starts.

Leak Detection Systems

The last few years have seen pipelines counting on many types of LDS. Leak detection systems come in many types. Each of them is made to suit unique pipeline needs. These tools work in a unique way and are grouped in types by how they sense leaks. There are three major types of coolant leak detector systems. They include hardware-based methods, bio-based, and software-based.

What is Weldsaver?

In robotic welding, the Proteus WeldSaver™ device is used for water safety in flow control and leak sensing. The water saver device is perfect for checking coolant flow, weld guns, or the entire cooling circuit for a weld cell. It is a great tool for sensing flow loss fast due to hose burst, cap loss, or other events.

  • Electrode cooling is ensured by checking the coolant flow and heat conditions
  • Flow is shut off in less than 1 second after cap loss or other flow losses
  • In less than 0.4, it will send an alarm to the weld control
  • Patented leak-sensing algorithm
  • Coolant and flow rate is done all the time
  • Alarm settings and process paras can be scaled by the user
  • Weld-cap and gun changers work well with remote control of valve and system states
  • Options for browser-based user interface and local display
  • Options for PROFINET®, DeviceNet™, and EtherNet/IP™, the control interface
  • 6–50 LPM / 1.5–13 GPM flow ranges
  • 4.0–110 °C / 39–230 °F liquid temp ranges

You Can download WeldSaver Product Configuration Form.

The WeldSaver protects welders in its simple state by checking the incoming and outgoing water in coolant for the robotic welding system.

A signal is sent by the water saver to the devices used to control flow (PLC, weld controller, robot) when the flow rate or the temp goes beyond the set limit. It can send fault or warning signals based on the set-points values.

The Weld Saver works as a water saver once the welder turns or off. This is done using the electric solenoid.

The welding water saver collects all data and displays it on the web interface. The reports are given in an intuitive format.

Key features of Weldsaver

  • Flow rates to 50 LPM / 13 GPM
  • Shows data in Metric units or English
  • PROFINET®, EtherNet/IP™ or interfaces, and even legacy options are given
  • For flow and temp readings, Proteus vortex solid-state flow meters are there
  • Options for electric or other water valves.
  • All alarms and DeltaPoint are set by the user, and the default preset
  • The very fast response of 0.3 seconds when sending cap loss alarm to weld control
  • Robot Pendant or PLC/PC for Web Graphical User Interface (GUI) are given
  • They are compact packed, making them easy to fit into space 12” H x 5” W x 4” D, having both the mounting plate and valve
  • It can be mounted on a robot or fence mounted.

Other Main Features of Weldsaver in Detail

Intelligent Leak Detection 

Subtle flow changes are easily sensed by the WeldSaver. This helps to know real leaks from temperature, pressure, and motion effects. Leaks are known in less than 0.3 seconds. The water saver signals a state change to stop the welding process in case of a cap loss or other types of leaks. It will also close an attached shutoff valve.

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Flow Sensing and Measurement 

Rugged and vortex flow sensors come with return channels and the WeldSaver’s coolant supply.

Swirls are formed inside each flow channel when the liquid flows around a bluff body and taken downstream by the flowing liquid. This alternates localized high- and low-pressure zones of a vortex stream nature. They are sensed by a piezoelectric crystal, which gives a small pulse every time a vortex goes through the sensor. The linear flow of the liquid going through the device is related to the number of swirls formed. A micro PC is used to get the fluid’s flow rate. The PC also measures the vortex flow sensor in the supply channel.

Models that measure the amount of heat are featured in Pt1000 RTD sensors. The models are linked with each bluff body, giving accurate readings in both the supply and the return channels.

Coolant Shutoff Valve 

For stopping the flow of coolant water, an optional shutoff valve that comes with the WeldSaver™ products is used. Below are types of valves by Proteus to be used with the water saver:

Coolant Shutoff Valve - water saver
In case the WeldSaver stops working, there is an override feature that lets the water flow into the system to test leaks without using 24 VDC power.

Web Browser User Interface 

User interface with real-time reports on the status of the water saver is given. It comes with clear indicators, making it easy to read. With most JavaScript™-enabled web browsers, you can access the interface over a network. This is done by keying in the device’s working IP address.

Web Browser User Interface - water saver

WeldSaver™ Product Series                   

WeldSaver™ 5

WeldSaver™ 5 - water saver

WeldSaver Product Configuration Form

  • It can send cap loss alarm to weld controller in less than 0.3 sec
  • Flow rates to 50 LPM / 13 GPM
  • EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET® interfaces
  • Coolant flow is shown directly in LPM or GPM
  • Web Graphical User Interface (GUI) is given for Robot Pendant or PLC/PC
  • Multiple gun features
  • Customized to suit user’s needs

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More Information on Weldsaver5

 WeldSaver™ 6

 WeldSaver™ 6 - water saver

  • In less than 0.3 sec, it sends cap loss alarm to weld controller
  • Multiple gun functions
  • View coolant flow in LPM or GPM
  • DeviceNet and Relay interfaces
  • Flow rates to 50 LPM / 13 GPM
  • Web Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Robot Pendant or PLC/PC
  • Paddlewheel flow meter or flow reading options
  • Keypad change of Low Flow alarm level
  • Users can adjust it to suit their needs

More Information on WELDSAVER 6

Our Commitment 

Manufactured under ISO 9001-certified processes, Proteus WeldSaver products are warranted to be defect-free in workmanship and materials. The warranty lasts for two years after shipment. The full information on this limited warranty is found on the Proteus Industries website at www.proteusind.com/warranty

Proteus Industries: Flow Experts and Customization Specialists 

For over 35 years, we have gained a lot of experience in manufacturing hundreds of thousands of precise fail-safe and rugged solutions for flow control and reading. Our products are used all over the world and are used in many sectors to protect and monitor expensive tools and mission-sensitive processes. Some of the applications include medical therapy systems, fabrication, welding, and temperature-stabilized optical and mechanical systems. We deliver instruments with temperature- and fluid-specific calibrations and viscosity, thanks to our world-class calibration know-how. What makes us successful is the assured accuracy.

Contact WeldSaver Applications Support at weldsaver@proteusind.com or (650) 964-4163 and let our experts create a product configured to your exact needs!

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