Warranty on Flow Products

Flow meters and related products get a lot of wear and tear from regular use. As a result, they may need re-calibration and sometimes even repairs or replacements. Routine maintenance is critical as it ensures that specific processes within the industry that rely on flow technology continue to function. A breakdown in this technology can result in millions of dollars’ worth of loss.

This is why it is essential to purchase flow meters and flow products with warranties.

Parts Warranty

Warranties cover company-manufactured flow products and parts. They must be devoid of defects in workmanship and materials for a set period ranging from 1 year and up, starting from the day the flow product is shipped.

If the company distributes products and instruments manufactured by another company, the warranties for those respective parts will be provided by the particular company.

Most companies provide flow calibration warranties for up to 1 year. Removing or altering the factory calibration label from the product or the replacement parts will void the calibration warranty.

Sometimes the parent (distributor) company may warrant products of other companies for workmanship and material defects, starting from the shipping date.

A warranty will not cover defects arising from failing to perform regular maintenance and or repairing the replacement product.

Most companies have a limited obligation when it comes to replacing or repairing flow products. Depending upon the company, it may require a written notification of the fault within 90 days from discovering the fault.

Parts or equipment that is subjected to misuse, abuse, alteration or neglect will not be covered by the warranty. Most repairs are warranted, usually for a year from the date of repair.


Most standard flow products are shipped on the following business day, pending the clearance of your payment. Products needing calibration require up to 10 working days pending on the calibration and quantity requirements of the order.

For international deliveries, United Postal Services and FedEx International services are utilized.

Warranty Claims

Warranty claims must be accompanied with a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) before the return can be accepted by the company.

Claims related to shortages or other types of errors exclusive of damages or transit shortage must be filed in writing to the company within ten days post-delivery.

Warranty Policy of Proteus Industries

Proteus Industries offers a five years warranty on the Proteus manufactured flow products. This warranty includes that the flow products will be free from defects in the workmanship and material. The flow sensor calibration is guaranteed for one year. To avail the warranty, you need to ensure that you don’t alter or remove the factory-setting label from the product.

The warranty doesn’t cover the alterations made to the original product. It is limited to product delivered in the original form. In case the product fails to work appropriately because the customer ignored the warranty does not cover the changes recommended by the company.

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