Ensure the Best Calibration from the Vortex Flow meters with Pulse Output

  • Published August 29, 2020
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  • by Proteusind

A vortex flowmeter can be considered to be one of the best flow calibration devices which are highly suitable for liquid flow measurements. These highly significant products are available in an industrial grade, all plastic or brass construction. A delicacy to versatility in the process conditions are not high and without any moving part have comparatively low wear contrasted to other kinds of flowmeters.


The operations of the vortex flowmeters usually occur under the vortex shedding rule, where a vibrating vortex occurs when a fluid like water flow past feign (instead of a streamlined) body. The frequency that the vortex is shed at relies on the shape and the size of that body. It’s just perfect for the applications where you give importance to the low maintenance cost. Industrial size vortex flow meters with pulse output are tailor-made and need relevant size for particular applications.


Vortex flowmeters are made for cost-effective yet accurate mass flow measurement of a saturated flow. The standard loop powered version of a vortex meter is designed with the internal temperature compensation needed for direct liquid flow calibration. Every vortex meter is given an analog output for the flow rate, a pulse output for the inbuilt display and user interface, and totalization.


Features to consider about the vortex flow meters with pulse output


  • Highly accurate – When a vortex meter is installed correctly, the liquid flow calibration accuracy for saturated flow exceeds a certain percentage of reading in the most fundamental pipe sizes.
  • Offers direct liquid flow calibration for saturated flow – The capacity of performing difficult density measurements enable a vortex flowmeter to offer the direct liquid flow calibration with no requirement of an individual mass flow calculator.
  • Topnotch vortex flow sensing – This can be accomplished by utilizing a sensor design which improves the sensitivity of the signal and maximizes the meter’s operating range. Sensors are placed behind the bluff body and are highly protected from water hammer and pressure shocks.
  • Easy installation and authorization – The loop powered design eases signal processing and wiring. Alongside, every vortex meter is factory manufactured and prepared for usage with authorization. The inbuilt user interface offers access to every programming function, with the inclusion of a complete self-diagnostic capacity. This ability is considered as a useful tool to recognize basic installation issues.
  • Individual calibration and programming for every application – Every vortex flowmeter undergoes different types of measurements. Additionally, this meter is also programmed individually using particular application info given by the client.
  • Advanced signal processing improves accuracy – All vortex meters are manufactured with advanced filtering algorithms. These algorithms enable the meters to build constant real-time standards for signal quality and strength. Unpredictable changes to the predicted quality or strength of the incoming signal are refused as noise. Extra signal processing reduces the impact of the common mode noise. This type of noise is often related to the vibration that occurs in the piping framework.


So, these are a few common features that can be considered when it comes to choosing the right vortex flow meters with pulse output.

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