Selecting the Right Flow Meters & Switches

With the wide variety of options available in the market, it can sometimes be difficult selecting the right flow meters and switches for your application. We are using this blog to inform you about the features, advantages, and difference of flow meters and switches.

To make an informed decision, you should know about the basics of flow meters and switches. Let us go in-depth about both the flow measurement devices.

How are Flow Meters Different from Flow Switches?

The difference between the two devices lies in the way they function. Flow meters are used to monitor the flow rate; the user has to manually check the flow rate to detect any problems. Whereas, flow switches are used to check the presence of flow and alerts the user at a predetermined set point, and perform action.

What is a Flow Switch?

A flow switch is an automatic device that controls the flow of liquid, air, and steam. The device works by sending trip signals to another device such as a pump, instructing it to turn on or shut down, which helps protect the device from damage. Flow switches are useful in ascertaining if rate of flow is above or below a certain rate, called set point.

What is a Flow Meter?

Flow meter is a mechanical device used in fluid systems to measure volumetric, linear, mass, and nonlinear rate of flow of liquid or gas. They have several uses, the primary being to control the flow of output.

While purchasing the flow meter you must consider the features such as the familiarity of your workers, their experience in maintenance and calibration, average time of failure, and the availability of spare parts.

High quality flow meter & switch products do not come in standard size, depending on the application there are different types of flow meters. To select the right meter, you must consider the features of the meter parallel to your needs. This will help you select the right gas and liquid flow meter.

Advantage of Flow Meters & Switches

Flow meters & switches are reliable devices to ascertain the flow rate of liquid, air, and steam. They can be used for a variety of applications, which includes biomedical and industrial, amongst others.

Flow switches offer accuracy, versatility, and economy. You can use these switches to actuate audible or relays.

Similar to flow switches, the flow meter also offers several advantages such as a very high reading and true mass flow measurement. Flow switches are not affected by velocity, pressure, or temperature due to the self-draining capacity.

Proteus Industries Inc. is a word renowned manufacturer of quality liquid flow control valve. The company provides a wide range of flow meters, flow switches, and excess flow valves. Products manufactured by Proteus Industries Inc. are used in industries of all types from semi-conductors to offshore, which includes harsh environment.

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