Benefits of Rebuild Kits for Flow Sensor

Rebuild kits for flow sensor are like insurance policies. Flow meters get used on a daily basis. Depending upon the industry in which they are used, flow meters play an integral role in reporting accurate measurements. In some industries such as natural gas, chemical plants and pharmaceuticals, accuracy is not just a requirement but an absolute must. Considering how much usage a flow meter gets, it is likely that it will require maintenance. Now this again depends on the type of flow meter being used. For example, turbine flow meters (an older generation of flow meters) require more maintenance because they are more susceptible to breakdown compared to ultrasonic flow meters. Rather than replace the entire flow meter altogether, you can opt for flow sensor rebuild kits.

Rebuild kits restore the electronic sections and removable mechanical parts of the flow switch or flow sensor. There are many benefits to relying on a flow sensor rebuild kit. These are:

Prolongs life of your Flow Meter

Replace some of the electronic sections or the mechanical parts of your flow meter will extend the life of your existing instruments. Think of rebuild kits like a trip to the garage. When your car experiences any kind of issue, the mechanic replaces a part, installs a part, or improves an existing part. Yearly car servicing is designed to prolong the life of your vehicle. Similarly, a flow sensor rebuild kit prolongs the life of your flow measurement instruments.

Saves your company Money

Imagine you had to replace your flow meter every time it experienced a breakdown. Can your company afford it? Now imagine another scenario where your business relies on a constant flow line. If a flow meter was not working properly, can you afford to stop the entire flow line? During the time it is taking you to repair or replace that flow meter, you are losing money because your flow line is unable to function.  A rebuild kit enable you to replace the mechanical or electronic parts of your flow sensor without have to remove it from the flow line.

Rebuild kits for flow sensors are also more affordable than replacing the entire flow meter. Consider this as much-needed savings for your business.

Can be purchased for different types of flow meters

Technological innovation has made it possible to purchase rebuild kits for different types of flow sensors. The rebuild kit required will depend upon the flow meter used in your industry. The best way to discover this information is by contacting a flow meter manufacturer. You need to ensure you are dealing with a reputable manufacturer. Purchasing a low-grade flow meter rebuild kit can cost you more in the long run. Also, a reputable manufacturer should offer after-sales support.

Examples from Proteus Industries

If you’re looking for superior quality rebuild kits for flow sensors, contact Proteus Industries Inc. They offer four types of flow sensor rebuild kits: 100 Series, 500 Series, 800 Series and 6000 Series.

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