COVID-19 Update

Proteus Industries’ manufacturing operations are partially open to service essential businesses including Medical and Semiconductor as part of the government’s “shelter in place” order for the San Francisco Bay Area to contain coronavirus. We are checking e-mails including tech and customer service e-mails. The order currently covers the period of March 17 through April 7, 2020.

For customers, needing sales information please email at and for tech support/questions we will respond through . Vendors should contact us through Note that we will have limited operations through this period. Other urgent communications may be sent to our President, Jon Heiner at We apologize for the disruption this may cause.

Proteus Industries


Proteus Industries is not just a manufacturer of flow sensing and flow control products, we are an engineering company.

We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your design team, lending our expertise in flow dynamics to ensure the reliability and integrity of your liquid flow system.

We are unique in our approach to customers seeking the utmost in performance, reliability and quality at a competitive price, driven by customizations and adaptations designed to provide the lowest installed system cost. 

Calibration Services

– Calibrates flow devices for specific fluids

– Rapid turnaround using ‘Quick Custom’ process

– Single point calibration – normally at room temperature

– Provides accuracy of 3% full scale, 2% optional

– Dynamic Viscosity range from .2 cSt to 150 cSt

– Provides accuracy of 3% full scale, 2% optional

NIST Traceability |Z540.3 Calibration | ISO 17025 Calibration

Proteus Capabilities Overview Download

Customization Services

– Customization service for new OEM applications

– Simple Customizations – cables, connectors, fittings, brackets

– Complex Customizations – New Derivative Design

– Custom Solutions Design based on ‘Flow Integrator’ Platform

– Vortex based flow sensing, optional temperature

– Fieldbus connectivity and integration

– Control option to upstream / downstream device

– Web GUI option for visualization and control

– Real time closed loop control option: P, PI, or PID

Proteus Capabilities Overview Download

Characterization Services

– Design-In service for new OEM applications

– Multi-point viscosity profile with the formula for PLC / Controller

– Range testing: over-under flow scenarios with customer fittings

– Application engineering assessment and recommendations

– Documentation Kit Deliverables

– Unique Part Number

– 3D Model(s), 2D Dimensioned Drawing(s)

– Manuals and Datasheets

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Integrated Systems Design Services

– Installs Proteus Sensors into an integrated system

– Leverages reusable library of designs components

– Extends your engineering team to the expertise of Proteus

– Pre-engineered Components available for re-use

– ARM based microcontroller environment

– Library of digital / analog I/O circuits

– Expertise in Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet and CanOpen

– Tofpine Flexible Manifold System

– Web Based GUI

Proteus Capabilities Overview Download

Interested in learning more?

Check out our Services Capabilities paper for complete and details descriptions of Proteus Industries service capabilities and example projects.  Simply fill out the form below, and we will email the capabilities document to you;