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  • Published August 29, 2020
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  • by Proteusind

We’re Growing – and to help keep up with demand we have opened up an office in the Boston, Massachusetts area.   Our new Boston office is staffed by our newest employee to Proteus Industries, John Brennan.   John is a veteran of the factory automation and controls industry, having spent many years selling and servicing automation gear throughout the Northeast and New England area.   John is a seasoned sales and marketing professional having worked as a sales engineer, product manager and services business manager. John’s broad background spans industrial automation, industrial networking, telecommunications, and semiconductor.  John is a mechanical engineer from Northeastern University, having studied materials and thermal dynamics; that combined with his strong background in controls and automation, will be an ideal fit to support Proteus Industries valued customer base.


Proteus Industries has pioneered solutions for heavy and extreme duty liquid meeting, critical for cooling key components for OEM’s.   The ever increasing requirements of liquid meters, switches and valves, make an ideal fit for the kind of specialty applications provided by the company with its ever expanding product line.  And, with such a high concentration of specialty machines for medical, semiconductor, biotech and laser systems, expanding support to the Eastern United States just makes business sense for Proteus Industries.


So if you are interested in making your machines more energy efficient, reduce assembly costs with fieldbus enablement, or need a solution to your harsh environment, contact John, he can help.   We can even help accelerate your product designs, enabling faster time to market for your critical market window.


John can be reached at his office number 978-491-6456, or email him at

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