Proteus Industries has 40 plus years in manufacturing and design of innovative Liquid Flow Products for the Semiconductor, Medical, Automotive Welding, Casting, Data Centers and Industrial Markets.

Flow Meters

Proteus 6000 Series Flow Meters use a simple turbine principle to generate a pulse output that is directly proportional to the instantaneous flow rate. Magnets in the six-spoke rotor turn a Hall Effect transistor on.

Flow Switches

PV6000 Series flow meters utilize the vortex principle to provide accurate, reliable and cost-effective measurement of heat-transfer fluids and other liquids. An in-line sensor detects the frequency of vortices shed by a ...

Flow Meter and Switches

FluidVision™ USB from Proteus Industries is a convenient and cost-effective way to connect flow meters directly to a computer for accurate...


Proteus WeldSaver™ – Coolant Control And Leak Detection For Automotive Robotic Welding Systems

Tofco Flow Controllers

Compact liquid flow control valves providing precise, programmable management of liquid distribution. standard...

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