Proteus Industries has 40 plus years in manufacturing and design of innovative Liquid Flow Products for the Semiconductor, Medical, Automotive Welding, Casting, Data Centers and Industrial Markets.
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Flow Meters

Proteus 6000 Series Flow Meters use a simple turbine principle to generate a pulse output that is directly proportional to the instantaneous flow rate. Magnets in the six-spoke rotor turn a Hall Effect transistor on.

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Flow Switches

PV6000 Series flow meters utilize the vortex principle to provide accurate, reliable and cost-effective measurement of heat-transfer fluids and other liquids. An in-line sensor detects the frequency of vortices shed by a ...

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Flow Meter and Switches

FluidVision™ USB from Proteus Industries is a convenient and cost-effective way to connect flow meters directly to a computer for accurate...

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Proteus WeldSaver™ – Coolant Control And Leak Detection For Automotive Robotic Welding Systems

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Tofco Flow Controllers

Compact liquid flow control valves providing precise, programmable management of liquid distribution. standard...