Paddle Type Flow Switch Equipment: In a Nutshell

Paddle Type Flow Switch Equipment: In a Nutshell

Paddle type flow switches are manufactured and designed by high-tech equipment and are ideal for monitoring liquids in the pipeline. This is a budget-friendly substitute with an extreme level of usage safety for industrial plants.

Working principle of paddle type flow switch equipment

A paddle linked to the level is suspended in the liquid. Once the liquid begins streaming the level with a paddle, it deflects and thereby, triggers the contact in the microswitch. And this microswitch is separated from the liquid using a flexible metallic bellow. You can adjust the set point.

Flow switch uses the power of liquid flow for propelling the paddle for identifying the incoming flow or the movement of the fluid in the pipeline. In terms of no liquid or static liquid, the spring expands and presses the magnet vertically downward.

As flow happens and the paddle thrusts and rises at an upward angle of 20L~30L or beyond that, the paddle’s eccentric tries to push the magnet upward for actuating the reed switch which is thereby in a linked circuit. You can adjust the paddle’s length with the help of a pipe’s diameter.


Installation of paddle type flow switch equipment

  • The length of paddle built approximate angle creating a flow switch unit. The length is determined as per the paddle’s lowest point while angling the diameter of the pipe and the reed switch. Isolate the paddle at an ideal pipe size mark or according to your wish but not less than 1-inch left.
  • The paddle should be parallel to the pipe’s cutting face and the mounting screw is 1-inch NPT.
  • On the screw hexagon, the flow mark should be parallel to the ground and the pipe.
  • Prior to installation of the unit to the tee pipeline, make sure to implement the tape seal to the screw and then tighten up.


What are the cautions?

  • The temperature and pressure ranges should not exceed and additionally take the temperature and pressure into your considerations.
    • Changes of operating temperature definitely impact the set points. In case of the temperature of liquid would change with the particular gravity changes amid processing, contact us for assistance.
    • The flow switch is made for resisting vibration and shock. Nevertheless, both vibration and shock must be as lowered as possible.
    • Extra liquid contamination might prevent the paddle usage and wipe-down would be required occasionally.
    • Mounting and electrical entry need sealing from moisture.


    Final considerations

    Since flow switches have a very important and integral part to play in the industry, calibrating flow rate perfectly is required. The liquid flow rate can be accurate by measuring the variations in dynamic velocity or energy. The velocity relies on the pressure changes that force the liquid through the pipe or conduit. Since the pipe’s cross-sectional area is known and constant, the velocity will be an amazing sign of the flow rate. Calibrating the flow rate is important as it is helpful for setting the flow switches to a pre-decided close functionality.