Liquid Flow Meter Manufacturers

Liquid flow meter manufacturers understand the significance of flow meters in day-to-day industrial processes. They maintain measurement efficiency and play a huge role in a business’s profits and losses. The petroleum, food and beverage, chemical, utility services, HVAC and automotive industries liquid flow meters to oversee their operations. Two of the most frequently used flow meter varieties are mass flow meters and volumetric flow meters. The latter produces measurements based on volume that flows through an instrument; the former produces measurements based on the fluid mass flowing through an instrument. These measurements are used to calculate ideal flow rates for various processes or to survey the use of certain fluids.

These are just two ways to measure flow; when in fact, there are many unique ways. Some examples include vortex flow meters, thermal mass flow meters, Coriolis flow meters and ultrasonic flow meters. Some utilize temperature sensors to gauge heat loss, while some rely on a tube that rotates and moves according to the fluid flow inside. With such a variety of flow meter configurations and types, it can be quite difficult to decide which liquid flow meter would be best suited for a specific application. Fortunately, liquid flow meter manufacturers have the industry expertise and experience to help customers determine which features and instruments are most vital. Many liquid flow meter manufacturers also provide tailor-made solutions to deliver specific influences and factors in order to meet industry requirements.

Liquid flow meters

As mentioned earlier, in liquid flow meters, mass flow meters are the most commonly used. Of these, there are two subtypes: thee Coriolis flow meter and the thermal mass flow meter.

Coriolis Flow Meter

The Coriolis flow meter obtains its names from the Coriolis Effect which it relies upon. Sometimes also called an inertial flow meter, it is a device that measures the mass flow rate of fluid traveling via a tube. The liquid fluid will traverse several tubes which are constantly vibrating, known as the Coriolis Effect (oscillation occurs in different areas of the tube). Sensors within the tube pick up information from these oscillations which will help determine fluid mass flow.

Thermal Mass Flow Meter

This type of liquid flow meter relies on the principles of heat transfer to measure the flow rate of mass. They measure the dissipation of heat to calculate flow rate. In other words, the faster a liquid flows, the greater the effect of cooling.

Mass flow meters are utilized within many industries such as food, chemical processing, gas, oil, and power, water, pharmaceutical, and mining. Mass flow meters are applied in applications where knowledge of the mass of a fluid is more useful than knowing its volume.

In order to determine whether a mass flow meter is the correct one for your specific application, contacted a reputable liquid flow meter manufacturer such as Proteus Industries. Inform them of your specifications and applications, and they will help you choose the right liquid flow meter for your industry.