Liquid Flow Measurement Instruments: Precise Measurement in Various Fields

The liquid flow measurement instruments are the devices used to evaluate the flow of water or any liquid in a conduit or an open channel. It is also used to calculate the precise amount of liquid present in the pipeline. These devices not only assess or audit the amount and flow of liquid but also are used to detect any wastage due to leakage. This measurement can be accomplished in various ways and in various mediums like pipelines, tunnels, tanks, natural resources, etc. There are various mechanical and technical instruments, which are used to measure the liquid flow, depending on the applications and type of liquid flowing.


Various Categories of Liquid Flow Meter


The various designs and technical aspects are responsible for the different designs of the flow meters, which have further variations.


Velocity Flow Meters: – This category consists of Vortex Shedding, Turbine, Swirl, Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic Doppler, Pilot Tubes, and Calorimetric.

Differential Pressure Flow Meters: – This flow meter has variations of Venturi Tube, Orifice Plate, Flow Tube, Flow Nozzle, and Rotameter.

Positive Displacement Flow Meter: – This process of liquid measurement includes Nutating Disc, Rotary Vane Meter, Reciprocating Piston Meter, and Oval Gear.

Open Channel Flow Meter: – This flow meter can be divided into two categories- Weirs and Flumes.

Mass Flow Meter: – This flow meter consists of Coriolis and Thermal Flow Meter.


Output of the Measurement of the Liquid Flow


To achieve the precise and effective measurement of the liquid flow, new technologies are being implemented in the form of digital and analog meters, in the output. To attain the desired result, the meters are attached to the flow meter boards and are placed near the conduits. The digital meters have gained tremendous popularity for its ease of use and accuracy and can be used in commercial as well as domestic fields. The digital devices are widely used in the Magnetic and Ultrasonic Flow Meters. To modify the flow of the liquid, the valve of the pipelines can be conjoined to the data. It is possible because the data obtained from the digital meter can be defined accurately.


Applications of the Liquid Flow Meter


The liquid flow measurement instruments have a wide range of applications. Many Industrial sectors use this device to measure the quantity and flow of the liquid. Some of them are water research, food & beverage, petrochemical industry, oil industry, the pharmaceutical industry, fire rescue operation, submarine industry, fuel industry, paint industry, etc. The unit used in the flow meters is cubic feet or inches and is altered according to the specifications. It has a huge usage in the domestic purpose as well. It calculates the quantity of the water consumed in a particular area. This not only quantifies but also identifies any leakage, which saves our natural resource to a great extent. Usage, velocity, and level of liquid can also be found out by these instruments. The liquid flow meters are built in a sturdy manner to provide the accurate data in the adverse weather conditions as well.

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