Proteus Industries Inc.’s Innovative Flow Management Products

Here at Proteus Industries Inc., we are dedicated to designing and creating customized flow measurement solutions. We serve customers in numerous industries such as Die Casting, Semiconductor Fab, Automotive Manufacturers, Welding and Robotics and Medical Therapy, to name a few. Our products are sought after for their accuracy, quality, durability and affordability. Our flow meters and flow management products can improve your flow processes, increase your profits and save money. We offer a complete line of control solutions and instruments for the semiconductor and fab industry. Our product reliability has helped us reach semiconductor fab industries all around the world.


Our innovative flow solutions range from single use flow meters to rebuild kits. The best solution will depend on your requirements. Our product line currently features the following:


Cooling Control Flow Meters – Die Casting


Proteus flow meters increase productivity, reduce start-up scrap and improve die life. Our meters monitor the temperature and flow at the inlet and outlet of the die coolant flow channel. Data obtained from the flow meter enables the die caster to calculate heat load, control initial heat ramp, optimize thermal control, ensure adequate cooling and protect from coolant channel blockage.


Firmware Products


Our Firmware product range provides advanced control and computing capabilities to all existing flow meters.




This product line was developed to cope with the special requirements of control engineers. These are reliable and flexible flow computers which can be quickly adapted to suit your unique work situation and application.


Flow Meters and Switches


Proteus Industries’ wide range of flow meters and switches monitor cooling of flow and other liquids in various industrial applications. Our sensors are utilized by many industries around the world to protect welding torches, plasma cutting systems, semiconductor processing systems, and induction furnaces.


Rebuild Kits


Our rebuild kits are vital in replacing electronic sections and removable mechanical parts of your flow switch or flow sensor. Rebuild kits extend the life span of existing instruments. The kit enables you to upgrade without removing the flow sensor from the flow line.


Tofco Flow Controllers


This product range features compressed liquid flow control valves which provide exact and programmable data for management of liquid distribution. 




Proteus Industries offers multiple WeldSaver products to meet the unique needs of different industries. Each WeldSaver model is custom designed and configured to enable easy integration into computer systems. Our WeldSaver product line is a primary coolant flow controller and cap loss detector for robotic welding applications.


All of our products are manufactured in California, USA. We proudly offer a five-year warranty on all our flow switches and flow meters. In addition, we provide technical support and product inquiries for all our flow management products.


When choose from Proteus Industries Inc.’s innovative flow management products, you are investing in quality, reliability and accuracy.

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