Proteus is not just a manufacturer of flow sensing and control products, we are an engineering company. We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your design team. Lending our expertise in flow dynamics to ensure the reliability and integrity of your liquid flow system.

The best way to maintain the reliability and calibration of a flow device is for us to calibrate the sensor or set the trip point with your fittings installed.

Proteus design experts are operating under an ISO 9001 certified design process.

Our Projects

Please see the list below for some great examples of customization services for individual customers.

Custom fittings and more

Proteus Industries specializes and excels at providing customer requested customization which may include: fittings, special cables and connections, brackets and specialized calibrations including viscosity compensation.

High resistance to electromagnetic interference

The 8000RFR Series - Custom designed to use in difficult EMI or RF environments.  The 8000RFR has been laboratory tested up to an RF power of 10v/m to 10GHZ (maximum laboratory testing available).  Effective design indicates that this device is capable for up to 1181 GHz.

Operate at High and Low Temperatures

Some of our customers require flow meters to be used under extreme temperature conditions. For this purpose, Proteus tailored our flow meters with a closed-cell foam insulator to prevent icing in cold conditions or protect workers from burns in higher temperatures. (Ref model #98008SA6F3P1)

Thermal Control Flow Meters – Die Casting


Proteus flow meters are Integrate with die casting process to incorporate distributed processing and control. Proteus flow meters are used to monitor flow and temperature at both the inlet and the outlet of die coolant flow channels. Die casters use the data provided by Proteus flow meters to control initial heat ramp, calculate heat loads, ensure sufficient cooling, optimize thermal control, and protect against coolant channel blockage.

Proteus has provided value-added product customization for our customers for over 40 years.  

Some of the more common additions and/or modifications are cables with connectors, fittings, viscosity calibrations, and mounting panels. Other customization has involved preparing our units to operate at extreme fluid temperatures of -50⁰C to 200⁰C. All units are tested, assembled, and warranted by Proteus for five years.


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