Explore the Compact Liquid Flow Meters That Are Best For Industrial Usage

Explore the Compact Liquid Flow Meters That Are Best For Industrial Usage

Prior to giving conclusions on the best compact liquid flow meters for industrial usage, you must understand about them and their applications. The turbine flow meter contains rotor blades positioned on a shaft at an angle. The liquid passing through these blades leads them to turn the rotor shaft. A mechanical reader can sense the shaft’s rotation. Concerning the blades, a magnetic reader identifies the movements through the magnetic pulses. For non-lubricating fluids, specific considerations are granted. Generally, these blades are greases in case the meter is designed for calibrating such type of fluid. In calibrating the natural gas’ transmission, the blades can simply bear temperatures of up to 60oC.

In terms of using a clean or corrosive liquid, a turbine flow meter appears to be compact. These types of liquids incorporate water, petroleum, and chemicals. The size of the pipe must not be more than a diameter of 24 inches. The installation needs a sturdy building made of concrete, for large flow meters. The turbine flow meter’s precision deteriorates in the case of the flow rate   not being very high. In addition, you are unable to use this type of meter for liquids streaming at rates higher than specified. In a nutshell, this damages the rotor blades or wears them out. The flow meter gets worn out by non-lubricating fluids causing inappropriate readings. Likewise, the meter can’t sense the dirty fluids’ transmission.

Another useful flow meter is a magnetic meter that calibrates the fluid flow through a concept termed as Faraday’s Law. You will not find any moving parts in this meter. This scientific concept works on the standard that when the liquid particles pass through a magnetic field, voltage is produced and this voltage is in proportion to the velocity of the flow. This signal is detected by an electronic reader and also is processed by it. Quite different from a turbine meter, this specific flow meter is perfect for assessing water, extremely corrosive diluted acids, and dirty fluids. Nevertheless, you can’t use it for purified water and hydrocarbons.

Due to its technology and design, a magnetic flow meter can be utilized in a vast range of industrial applications. This meter is capable of measuring the movement of corrosive, abrasive, dirty, and clean water based or other conductive liquids. It can’t measure gas as they are non-conductive. When you need low maintenance operations, these meters perform the best. For pressure drops in liquids, you can use it as the best option. Dirty water is released by many industrial applications as a part of the waste. And it is seen in applications like processing of chemicals, minerals, power production, and paper processing. Sewage and water utility organizations utilize this kind of flow meter.



According to the discussion done above, the magnetic flow meters can be considered to be the most compact liquid flow meters for industrial operations. These meters are capable of measuring any type of liquid flow, be it dirty or clean. Most of the industries use chemicals or water in various forms. They require an accurately measured inflow and outflow also. Hence, you always must have a full pipe for the liquid to be accurately measured.

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