The 8000XHT/XLT | Flow Rate Measurement Instrument

  • Published August 23, 2020
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The 8000XHT/XLT (eXtreme High Temperature/eXtreme Low Temperature) Flow Rate Measurement Instrument has been designed to work in harsh environments.


It is capable of operating with fluid temperatures from -80C to +200C as well as in extremely high EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) environments (10V/m, >189 GHz without 1/16” LED hole & Power Fields of 400A for 100-240VAC 50Hz/60Hz) and Mil-Std 810 Vibration & Shock (20G).


Consider the 8000XHT/XLT to be a flagship flow sensor product that draws customers to consider the amazing capability that Proteus provides, much like a Formula Race Car or a Concept Car draws people to consider another car from that same car manufacturer.




Semiconductor processes have been changing.  At the time of the 8000RFR product, Lam Research mentioned that one of their customers was cycling the fluid temperature by 40C during the Semiconductor Manufacturing Process.

  • So, we built a temporary Fluid Thermal Shock Cycling Tester for the 8000RFR which ran 2 units for many months (24/7) switching from -30C fluid to +20C fluid every 4 minutes.
  • Some leading technology Lam Research customers now want -60C to +80C temperature cycling capability; and so do some AMAT customers.
  • For Lam Research, the 8000XHT/XLT is a real product in their hands.



Proteus must test and life test the 8000XHT/XLT to prove the product will work and last for many years in the harsh fluid temperature environments.

  • The Thermal Shock Cycling Tester is being redesigned to run from +5C to +80C fluid temperature because the equipment is in-house to do so and Lam Research can see a +60C or more fluid temperature cycle range exposure to the 8000XHT/XLT; Lam Research will conduct -60C to +80C thermal cycling on their own systems to qualify the customized designs.
  • Proteus is also developing a -60C to +80C slow cycle life test stand per Lam Research requirements.
    • A new chiller system is ordered
    • Special valves & hoses for leak-free from -60C to +200C are ordered
    • A Coriolis meter designed for cryogenic applications (-196C to +100C) is ordered
  • The +90C Life Test Stand is good, but the +120C & 200C Life Test Stands are better
    • Several 8000RFR (electronics potted & unit totally enclosed in foam) units run 24/7 on the +90C Life Test Stand
      • The electronics temperature is elevated beyond +85C rating of the relay & microcontroller which highly age stresses these electronics components
      • The same electronics components are used in the 8000XHT/XLT which will not be exposed to this high temperature but life test data is applicable
    • The +120C Life Test Stand will be constructed for the 8000XHT/XLT for Lam Research applications
    • The +200C Life Test Stand is constructed for general 8000XHT ratings
      • The fluid fumes extraction system will be updated
      • The new fuse 8000XHT units will be installed
  • All of the Life Test Stands will be monitored via the big screen in the QA Main Lab
CONCLUSION: nous améliorons notre savior faire!
  • We improve our know-how!
  • Proteus testing must be state-of-the-art in order to ensure that the product is state-of-the-art.
  • Advanced Proteus testing capability ensures that we can test the other products that Proteus develops, too.

Then the Proteus 8000XHT/XLT might really have a Mission to Mars!!!

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