Proteus Is In the Business of Measuring Stuff That Saves Money and Lives

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Proteus Is In the Business of Measuring Stuff That Saves Money and Lives

In the field of flow management, Proteus Industries is the most popular name. The organization not just develops but also manufactures and sells a complete range of measuring stuff which is used in lab and fab industries. So, you can say that Proteus is in the business of measuring stuff. Alongside marketing a complete line of instruments and semiconductor fab, the company provides with an extensive range of sensitive and rugged flow sensors and control instruments for automotive, medical, solar, and other industries.

The prime products of Proteus industries incorporate liquid flow meters, switches, and sensors which are globally utilized for safeguarding thousands of high-power lasers, robotic welders, induction furnaces, semiconductor processing and plasma cutting systems.

Metrology and its importance

The science of measurement is named as Metrology which important for many industries such as healthcare, aviation, defense, technology, and energy. The measurement stuff of Proteus Industries controls the production volumes precisely of every business and reduces the rejection expense and the rework functionalities.

How Proteus’ measuring stuff saves money and lives

As mentioned above, Proteus is producing a lot of measuring products which can save many lives and money. Let’s know how:

Saving people

  • The road safety means restrictions on alcohol, driving speed, efficiency in car braking and evaluations to make sure that these all are followed.
  • The radiation measurement in radiotherapy or drug dose, safety of foods and other measuring operations where metrology is required, these products play a vital role in securing people’s health. You must depend on these instruments when they are used in intensive care units or operating rooms.
  • There are some gears that protect the environment which implies the statutory needs on the quality of water and air and nuisances. And this process also includes the measurement making; for instance, the studies conducted by the NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research).
  • While manufacturing spacecraft and satellite systems, the airlines or ships use emergency locator. According to a study, the SARSAT (Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking) System has saved many lives (approx. 40000 lives) since 1970. Even the search and rescue satellite systems are really difficult, containing spacecraft, beacons, and ground systems, all cautiously measured for working together effectively.
  • The system that monitors the hours worked, lighting and noise levels in professional premises, and evaluation of environmental atmosphere (particles, decibels, fibers, and mercury vapors) is included in the application of labor law.

Saving money

  • Measurement is the most crucial factor that connects the clients with the businesses. If the reliable measurement doesn’t occur, it’s not possible to assure that the services and products are perfect to meet the clients’ needs.
  • Measurement is involved in the transactions made by the companies and people. Some examples are bulk weighing, retail, gasoline at the pipeline or pump, metering subscriber gas consumption, and nutrition labels on food.


So, these are some examples that state how the measuring stuff manufactured by Proteus Industries works best for controlling and saving the life of people and money as well. Feel free to share your opinion on this article with us.

Proteus is in the business of measuring stuff

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