Proteus Industries: A Premier Manufacturer of Flow Switches

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Proteus Industries: A Premier Manufacturer of Flow Switches

With numerous different kinds of flow switches on the market, it often seems to be tough to choose a perfect product that suits your application. In this blog post, Proteus Industries takes a look at the features, and benefits of flow switches.

When you are opting for flow devices from a premier manufacturer of flow switches, you should definitely know the fundamental facts for making a detailed decision. Let us have a closer look at this particular flow calibration device in more details.

What is a Flow Switch?        

The flow switch is a mechanical device which is utilized for controlling the flow of liquid, steam or air. Flow switches perform by sending trip indications to other devices (for instance, pump) within the framework, informing it for shutting off or for turning on, which will again safeguard it from getting damaged and for cooling circuit protection.

A flow switch decides whether the flow is below or above a certain rate and this is known as a set point. And this set point can either be fixed or adjustable, based on the specs of an individual instrumentation. When this set point can be reached, sometimes the response is an electric circuit’s actuation. Once it is tripped, the flow switches remain in their new condition until the fall falls under the set point.

What are the major benefits of Flow Switches?

Flow switches are one of the most trustworthy instrumentations for deciding flow rates. A lot of benefits worth to be mentioned are that these devices can be utilized for a lot of industrial applications, with the inclusion of biomedical and industrial for naming but a few. Flow switches also provide precision, economy, and versatility. Some switches can be utilized for actuating visual or audible alarms, and also relays as well as other controls.

How are the Flow Switches different from Flowmeters?

The prime distinction between a flowmeter and a flow switch is the way they perform. Flowmeters just monitor the flow rates and the operator needs to inspect the flow rate himself, as and when instead of at a pre-decided set point, for detecting whether there is any problem. On the other hand, the flow switches can detect the existence of the flow, at a pre-decided set point, make the operator cautious and perform a determined action.

Availability of Flow Switches and Flowmeters at Proteus Industries

Proteus Industries can offer a wide range of flowmeters, flow switches, and other necessitous calibration devices. A complete range of flow devices of Proteus Industries is recognized worldwide which makes the organization a premier manufacturer of flow switches as well. Extremely used in industries ranging from the semi-conductors to fab, with the inclusion of rugged and sensitive flow sensitive devices, their products are considered and approved by compliance laws. Available in different types of materials, these products are considered to be suitable for nearly every measuring and monitoring application.

You can contact Proteus Industries today to know in detail about our wide range of flow meters and flow switches which are perfect for solar, automotive medical and other industries.

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