Benefits of Liquid Flow Meters

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Benefits of Liquid Flow Meters

The continuous expansion of technology has catered to humans with numerous benefits in the form of inventions.  Similarly, the increasing need for precise and exact measurements for various purposes especially by industries, factories and companies have led the engineers to invent innovative measuring tools. These measuring instruments can now go to the extent of giving true value when operated under certain conditions. To meet many such requirements of the industries and factories Liquid flow meters were introduced. Since their invention, liquid flow metes have progressed in many aspects. From the accuracy of results to their applications in a wide range of fields, liquid flow meters are in a continuous state of development.

Liquid flow meters are basically used to measure the rate of change of flow of a liquid or gas passing through the pipe. There are different types of flow meters available in the market. Each type is different in its construction using the best possible fluid dynamics principles, so as to serve a wide range of purposes. With technical features specific to each type, every flow meter is used for particular purposes which generally depend on the type of liquid and the area of application.

Benefits through Wide-Range Applications

The varying types of flow meters have different areas of applications. The prime areas of applications are:

  • Engineers have worked their best and have made liquid flow meters that are able to resist nature’s variable conditions such as outdoor temperature and pressure. Now we have liquid flow meters that can tolerate different weather conditions and give accurate results.
  • Along with giving accurate values flow meters are also used in control of the flow of liquid generally in conjunction with a Control Valve. They are able to direct the fluid and normalize the velocity and hence maintain the required pressure level.
  • Besides industrial use, liquid flow meters are also used in housing projects. They are used to know the amount of water utilized by the houses.
  • In various industries flow meters are used to evaluate the quantity of the fluid so as to control the velocity and its use at the same time.
  • Liquid flow meters are also used to save water from wastage by detecting the leakage areas.

Industries that Benefit from Liquid Flow Meters

There are numerous industries in which flow meters are the essential instruments and benefit with their various applications. Some of the industries are:

  • Fuel Industry
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Oil Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Paints, grease and coating Industry
  • Food and Beverages Industry
  • Plus these meters are used in universities of engineering and science to serve educational and learning purposes.

Benefits of Liquid Flow Meters Particular to Type

As already discussed there are many types of liquid flow meters. Some of the most widely used are Electromagnetic Flow meters, Ultra Sonic Flow Meters, Coriolis Mass Flow Meters, Thermal Mass Flow Meters, Differential Mass Flow Meters, Variable Area Flow Meters, Turbine Flow Meters, Vortex Flow Meters, Swirl Flow Meters, Venturi Fumes, Oval Gear Flow Meters, Oscillating Piston Flow Meters, Weirs, Lobed Impeller Flow Meters. Here we are going to discuss some of key benefits or advantages of some of these flow meters which that more commonly used.

·         Differential Pressure Flow Meters:

  1. Pressure drop for nozzles is low.
  2. It has the capabilities to withstand the worst conditions of liquid.
  3. Suitable for gases, steam, and
  4. It gives you the facility to change range.
  5. Appropriate for high pressures and temperatures.

·         Electromagnetic Flow Meters:

  1. The foremost advantage is there are fixed parts.
  2. Can bear changes in density, viscosity, temperature and electrical conductivity.
  3. The measured variable and flow rate shows a linear
  4. Contamination doesn’t affect the meter.
  5. It easy to maintain with low maintenance cost.
  6. Capable of operating in both directions.

·         Coriolis Flow Meters:

  1. Can give accurate measurements of mass flow.
  2. It is capable of self-draining.
  3. Also able to give density, and temperature measurements.
  4. Allows bidirectional flow of liquid.
  5. One can set measuring range according to flow rate and density.

·         Ultrasonic Flow Meters:

  1. It has no moving parts.
  2. Concentration, temperature, and density don’t affect the transit time meters.
  3. It has low maintenance.
  4. No extra pressure drop.
  5. Measured variable and flow rate has a linear
  6. No obstructed flow channel.
  7. Appropriate options for materials.

·         Thermal Mass Flow Meters:

  1. It gives high accuracy in measurements.
  2. It has a low-pressure
  3. It also has no moving parts.
  4. Sterilization of this meter is easy.
  5. Quick response time.
  6. Can directly measure gas mass flow.

·         Turbine Flow Meters:

  1. Rotating vane and Woltman meters need no external power supply.
  2. It can bear high pressures and temperatures.
  3. It is also appropriate for liquids like Cryogenic liquids.

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