Proteus Industries
develops, manufactures and markets a full line of instruments and controls for fab and semiconductor equipment industry. Proteus products are used in virtually every semiconductor fab around the world.  Furthermore, Proteus offer a wide range of rugged and sensitive flow sensing and control instruments for the solar, medical, automotive and other industries.

Our products include liquid flow switches, meters and sensors that are used worldwide to protect thousands of induction furnaces, robotic welders, high-power lasers and plasma cutting and semiconductor processing systems.

Our Products

Proteus products are manufactured in Silicon Valley, California, USA and we offer a Five-Year Warranty for flow meters and switches.

Mil-Std 810 Ruggedized Applications

The 8000XHT Series - Custom designed to use in rugged applications as well as difficult EMI or RF environments (400A Magnetic Power Field or >188 GHz @ 10V/m) and with high temperature fluids to +200C.  The 8000XHT has been laboratory tested to Mil Std 810 Method 514.5 – 514C-2 for 2 wheeled composite trailer with Shock to 20G.


Industries We Serve

Semiconductor Equipment OEMs
Semiconductor Fabs
Welding and Robotics
Medical Therapy Systems
Automotive Manufacturers

Die Casting

Installation Guidelines with Do's and Don'ts

The best way to hook up Proteus flow meters to maintain accuracy

Part 1 - Calibration influences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnFVOxuTqHo
Part 2 - Calibration influences, estimated % impact: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6YJdnMYONk
Part 3 - Pipe ID mismatch influences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-R66H5znHU


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Our Advantages

Our sensors are used worldwide
protecting thousands of induction furnaces,
robotic welders
, high power lasers, plasma cutting and
semiconductor processing systems.

Proteus has an ISO 9001 certified quality system. Our flow switches, meters and sensors are backed by our five year warranty. Information on our Conflict Minerals Policy statement,  RoHS and WEEE policy can be found HERE icon01 340 Pioneer Way
Mountain View, CA 94041
icon02 Phone: (650) 943-4127
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